Who we are

Students for Abolition is a project of CBR UK (Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK) which exists to mobilise students to abolish abortion.

We aim to start Students for Abolition groups in universities throughout the UK to powerfully confront the abortion culture and be a first line of help to parents who have lost their babies to abortion.

Our philosophy is to "speak the truth in love", which means boldly showing people the brutal reality of abortion and at the same time being humble, kind and non-judgemental to everyone. Some people believe that "truth" and "love" are incompatible, however we know that we can follow in the footsteps of great reformers such as Martin Luther King and practice both these ideals together.

Is abortion a genocide?

Each year, over two hundred thousand unborn babies are killed by abortion in the UK. In England and Wales alone in 2019, there were 209,516 unborn babies killed. If you are a taxpayer, you help fund 99% of these abortions. Abortion has claimed the lives of over 9 million unborn babies in the UK since it was legalised in 1967.

Abortion is genocide.

Abortion must be abolished.

It's hard to grasp the scope of the destruction of human life without seeing this for yourself. Watch the reality of abortion here.

Why students?

Young people are the leaders and influencers of the future. At this key stage in their life, Students for Abolition offers a unique opportunity in equipping them to stand against injustice, save the lives of babies in the womb and change history.

In 2019, the abortion rate in England and Wales was highest for women aged 22, which means that universities are ground zero for unexpected pregnancies and abortions. Students are the most effective people at reaching other students so it is vital that we mobilise young pro-lifers to combat this crisis.

For more abortion statistics, take a look at the CBR UK website, which contains a link to the source data provided by the UK government. 

Our objective

We aim to render abortion unthinkable and illegal, but we recognise that public opinion must change before the law will change. We will accomplish this along with CBR UK by showing abortion victim images to as many people as possible, and having as many productive pro-life conversations as possible.

Our main focus is abolition through education. However, students will also be training to be pastoral "first aiders", including how to have pastoral conversations and refer people to our pastoral ministries, local churches or other pro-life organisations.

Our strategy

Social reform history shows us that hidden injustice must be visually exposed before public opinion will turn against it and the law changes. Notably, we see this in the British anti-slave trade and the US civil rights movements. As abortion is a hidden injustice, we are using the same strategy today to achieve abolition, namely through abortion victim photography.

Watch our "How to End Abortion" video for a half-hour look at this effective strategy.

Our people

We work with students, recent-graduates and young people, however anyone not in these categories is also welcome to join the movement by joining a CBR UK team. We need as many people as possible to stand against this injustice - both students and non-students.

We aim to create Students for Abolition groups in every university within the UK to show the reality of abortion to every student and train powerful pro-life activists. To lead a group, you must take our 8 week leadership training course and volunteer on a CBR UK educational display.

Leadership Training

We're called "Students for Abolition", however recent-graduates and other young people are also welcome. If you're not part of a university, don't worry. We will help you start a similar Abolition team in your local city or town. Get in touch if you are interested in this and want to know more information. Message us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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