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How can you sleep at night when you know what's happening in this country?

At university I became passionate to end the abortion genocide, but I had no idea how to practically achieve that. It started one evening when I was discussing abortion with a housemate. "How can you sleep at night when you know what's happening in this country?" His challenge echoed in my conscience over the summer months, which is when God called me into the pro-life movement.

CBR UK Display in Brighton

Educational Display in Brighton, October 2020

However, it wasn't until after graduating that I came into contact with CBR UK and researched into the history of social reform, which shows us that we need to visually expose injustice to achieve abolition. If only I'd known how to be an effective reformer at university!

Educational Display in Aberdeen, March 2020

Our leadership training course is an opportunity for you to spend eight one-hour sessions with me and a handful of fellow pro-life students focusing on how to effectively end abortion. We cover topics such as pro-life conversations, abortion law and statistics, pastoral care and team leadership.

Will you stand with us against the abortion genocide? Sign up to our leadership training today to learn how to lead activism at your university and put an end to the injustice of abortion.

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James Porter


James Porter is the Head of Public Education Teams for CBR UK.