• There are many pro-life university groups throughout the UK. Why is there a need to start a new student project and how will the Students for Abolition groups be different from the other pro-life groups?

    Students for Abolition is a new approach to university pro-life societies that was born out of student experiences running groups and wisdom from mature pro-life leaders.

    There are three reasons why Students for Abolition is needed in the UK: limited time, unity and effectiveness.

    1. Limited Time

    Students commonly have three short years at university. Furthermore, half of this time is spent either in exams or away from campus! We therefore need to make student activism as streamlined as possible, removing admin and branding work and focusing only on training and outreach.

    Unfortunately, a huge amount of time is currently taken up by students re-creating branding, strategies and planning events. Managing social media accounts and bureaucratic student unions can leave little time for the actual work of abolition!

    Therefore, Students for Abolition groups will share the same brand, purpose and strategy and will not run their own social media accounts or be affiliated to students unions. All of this administrative work will be done by employed staff, freeing up students to focus on two activities: training and outreach. 

    2. Unity

    Student groups are currently independent organisations that communicate with each other occasionally but aren't part of the same team and don't share branding and resources. We need a united student front against abortion, which is why all Students for Abolition groups will share the same branding and be an integrated part of a national team. No group will be alone but rather united with employed activists and students across the nation. 

    3. Effectiveness

    Often students are unaware of the history of social reform and so don't know which strategies are effective in combating abortion. While talks, lectures and handing out pregnancy help leaflets are valuable activities, they ultimately will not bring about the end of abortion. From history, we learn that social reformers must visually expose hidden injustice and show the public the awful reality of what is happening to victims. Therefore, Students for Abolition groups will publicly display the reality of abortion using victim photography, and engage people in conversation on this topic.

    Existing student pro-life societies often discuss topics other than abortion, such as euthanasia, however we will have a laser-focus on the abortion genocide as this is needed to bring it to an end.

    Affiliation to students unions is a source of continual frustration for pro-life societies as SUs tend to be vehemently abortion supporting and needlessly bureaucratic. To alleviate these issues, Students for Abolition groups will not be affiliated with SUs, but rather an integrated part of our national team.