Who Are We?

Students for Abolition is a project of CBR UK (Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK) that exists to mobilise students to abolish abortion. We aim to start Students for Abolition teams in universities throughout the UK to powerfully confront the abortion culture and be a first line of help to parents who have lost their baby to abortion.

Our philosophy is to "speak the truth in love", which means boldly showing people the brutal reality of abortion and at the same time being humble, kind and non-judgemental to everyone. Some people believe that "truth" and "love" are incompatible, however we know that we can follow in the footsteps of great reformers such as Martin Luther King and practice both these ideals together.

Why change the brand?

Our initial brand was "Students for Life UK", however we decided to update this for two reasons.

Firstly, we want to be laser-focused on our goal: the abolition of abortion. We are pro-life, however this term encompasses a range of issues other than abortion, hence why we have changed from "Life" to "Abolition". We are focused primarily on education but are also equipped to be pastoral "first-aiders" for those who have been affected by abortion.

Secondly, many people are pro-life, however few are out on the streets educating the public and trying to change the law. We want to be abolition-minded; not just personally pro-life but constantly active to bring about the end of abortion.

What does the flame symbolise?

The flame symbolises the light and hope we bring which will spread across the country rapidly, abolishing injustice and bringing human rights back into our culture and government.

How are we linked with CBR UK?

Students for Abolition is a project of CBR UK, which means we are a part of all the pro-life work that the wider team engages in. We are linked with powerful educational projects on the streets and in schools, church outreach and pastoral ministries which seek to help women in unexpected pregnancies and bring healing and forgiveness to those who have killed their babies by abortion.

You can check out the educational work that we do in our influential video explaining how to end abortion.

How can I get involved?

Register to join our leadership training course today. We will train you to be a powerful advocate for unborn children at university and to lead a Students for Abolition group.

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Students for Abolition


We exist to mobilise students to abolish the abortion genocide.
A project of the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK.